FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:: What am I allowed to host on my web space?
A:: Our customers are allowed to host all content that is the intellectual property of the owner or has written permission of the owner. All content and files stored on the servers of Element9 Communications must be legal in the country of the United States of America, the customer's home state, the commonwealth of Virgina, and the state of Florida. Please see our Acceptable Use and Terms of Service (above) for details.

Q:: What methods can I use to transfer files to my space?
A:: We currently allow both FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (secure copy) to transfer files. Details on how to perform this function can be found above at the FTP HowTo Page.

Q:: Where is Element9 Communications located?
A:: We are currently located within Netriplex's SAS 70 Certified North Carolina datacenter at:
100 Technology Dr.
Asheville, NC 28803

Supervised tours are available if requested. Sorry, we cannot accept mail at this address, please use the address below for correspondence or payments:

Element9 Communications
PO Box 996
Fairview, OR 97024

Q:: Can I resell service?
A:: As long as the customers of the reseller abide by our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service, we allow reselling.

Q:: Can I host sexually explicit material?
A:: No. We do not allow sexually explicit material of any kind on our servers

Q:: What payment methods do you accept?
A:: We accept paypal, checks, and money orders. Checks and money orders should be made out to Element9 Communications and sent to the following address:

Element9 Communications
PO Box 996
Fairview, OR 97024

Paypal monies should be sent to payment@element9.net

Q:: When are payments due? etc...
A:: Balance is due 30 days from date of invoice. At that point, the late fee is 25% of the entire invoice amount. If the invoice remains unpaid 60 days after invoice date, service will be turned off, a $15 fee payment will be required to reactivate at this point. At 90 days from date of unpaid invoice, all backups of the account are erased.