Technology behind Element9 Communications
Element9 Communications uses the rock solid Linux and UNIX operating systems for all servers in the enterprise. All applications running on these systems are tried and true open source tools which are freely available to anyone who wants them. Multiple fibre backbones, including interconnected private OC-12 SONET rings and Cisco internetworking equipment make up Element9's network.

  Why Linux and UNIX?

Element9 Communicatoins uses Linux and UNIX servers exclusively for multiple reasons:

  1. Nothing beats the speed and reliability of a Linux or UNIX machine
  2. Savings in operating system costs are passed on to customers
  3. Linux and UNIX is not affected by most viruses and worms
  4. The engineering staff has years more experience with Linux and UNIX systems

  Why Open Source?

Element9 Communications believes in the power of open source software and the power of the community at large. Years of experience have shown that many mature open source applications are as (if not more) scalable, reliable, and powerful as commercial software. Open source not only improves support, but also lowers overall costs. In return, these cost-cutting benefits are passed on directly to our customers.

"Human knowledge belongs to the world."
Yee Jee Tso, "AntiTrust"